Did you submit DNA to a testing site and are still left confused?

About Us

We’ve connected over 70 individuals to their biological families in the past 2 years. Using DNA, uploaded to ancestry.com, we put the puzzle pieces together to find your biological family.

We make the DNA connections, find and upload photos of living family members, to make your truth come alive. We know this is a humbling experience to be in.  We appreciate your heart and will do our best to make this a beautiful journey. 

Nothing brings us more joy that providing you with answers!

No find, No fee. We value you. 


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Discovering family. 


We count it an honor to be invited to discover and document your family story.
We do our best to find the information you desire and answer your questions.
Please see the services provided and how we can begin helping you today.

Family Tree


This service provides

a well researched and documented digital tree

for you and your family to treasure.

 We will add your personal items to

the tree and incorporate newly found documents. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed tutorial on navigating your Ancestry tree.

(Does not include solving a DNA mystery.)





Using your DNA

results, we can identify

and locate your biological family.

We will provide you with

charts of your new

DNA connections and even

broker initial conversations.

Upon completion you will have a

beautifully documented

digital family tree & hopefully

new family connections! 




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After 38 years, my prayers have been answered! 

I finally got to see my other half of me. 

JJ was very sensitive and positive about the little information I had. She was committed in helping me identify and then locate my dad. She is extremely fare in pricing. I definitely recommend AncesTree services.

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!

Ann P.


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